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I was experiencing disturbed sleep and a great deal of anxiety at night.  I was fortunate enough to receive coaching from Gareth on this. In a short session, Gareth has given me a technique and the peace of mind I needed to sleep soundly!  Gareth uses NLP techniques effortlessly and with so much love and compassion.  His coaching style is warm, friendly and totally supportive.  I instantly trusted him and felt able to go into the ‘problem’ with him supporting me all the way.  I would thoroughly recommend him as a coach to everyone and anyone.

Dr. Louise Greenstock PhD


At first I was hesitant about conversations with someone other than myself however right from our first conversation Gareth was able to put my mind at ease with patient understanding and I was able to go ahead trusting his experience and value from a new perspective.

Conversations with Gareth have allowed me to uncover the source of what was holding me back in my business and consequently other areas of my life, giving me the ability to move forward with easy and rapid results. I recommend Gareth’s coaching to anyone who is stuck and needs to understand why they aren’t making the progress they really want because Gareth has the knack of asking the right questions and really listening to the answers from an outside perspective. I have noticed immediate results, literally 5 minutes after sessions with Gareth that have impacted the way I work, my productivity and the way I feel about my work, really allowing my to grow beyond my own expectations and therefore the way I communicate with and serve my clients.


Thank you for your support, advice and knowledge.


Warmest regards

Cherrie Fauntleroy

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Lynne Stephens
Lynne hired Gareth as a General Contractor in 2011

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

“Gareth is a passionate and dedicated coach, mentor and project management specialist. I have had the pleasure of working with Gareth on a national pilot project and his expertise have been a wonderful asset. I look forward to our ongoing partnership.” June 28, 2011

Australasian Leadership Academy


Catherine Bell

“Gareth’s total commitment to his clients, warm and pleasant demeanour and utter professionalism are a rare combination – and make him a truly outstanding individual. An absolutely dedicated coach and mentor, Gareth specialises in assisting professionals to maximise their results using a clever combination of his experience, skills and peak performance tools. Gareth is a professional who I will look to again and again for inspiration and it is always a pleasure picking up the phone to call him – results are guaranteed!”

June 21, 2011

Owner, Sunlight Training (colleague)


Jamie Badar

MD, Ablaiz (business partner)

“Gareth is the consummate professional. I would recommend Gareth with any hesitation.” June 24, 2011


Gareth has a wealth of experience, knowledge and insights within a variety of business roles which enables him to identify the client needs and offer a solution to assist in implementing new strategies, change and improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth.
July 7, 2011

Kylie Townsend,

Lifestyle & Business Consultant, Designer Mindset


 Herewith the Testimonial from the then business owner of PMSA (Project Management Solutions(Aust) and business partner of Primavera Australia.
I have removed any other persons name, monitory values and references to companies for privacy reasons



As I stated during our Staff Christmas Party at Maroochydore a couple of weekends ago, we have all worked really hard this calendar year and your huge efforts are appreciated. This effort has resulted in PMSA “kicking some great goals” in a number of areas in 2008.

Normally, I don’t like to single out individual team members (as I believe our success as a company is a team effort) but, on this occasion, I ask your permission to do so as we have two team members who have achieved incredible results in 2008.

The first is Gareth. Gareth joined us at the start of May and did a two month apprenticeship under (name removed), earning no commission. At the start of July (after (name… removed) left), he was “on his own” and started earning commission. Gareth also inherited the balance of (name removed) target, namely $xxx,000 which I would have been happy if he achieved. In the six months since July, Gareth has closed $x,xxx,xxx of business (127% over target). He still has two deals (one for $xx,xxx; the other $xxx,xxx) that he is hoping to close before the end of this month. This could take Gareth close to $x.xMil – an incredible result for his first six months. I know Gareth would like to take the whole team (especially (names removed) and the professional services team) for their support and contribution in achieving this result.

Well done Gareth – you can have an extra drink at our Christmas Lunch this Friday. Please join with me in congratulating Gareth and (name removed) for their great results. I look forward to even bigger successes in 2009. I ask you all to keep up the great work.


Kieran Keleher

Managing Director

Project Management Solutions (Aust) Pty Ltd

Business Success through Project Management

Level 4, 87 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4004

PO Box 956, Spring Hill QLD 4004


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